Sunday, September 28, 2008

APW Vinyl Records Show

Here is my piece for the vinyl show. Gonna have a process video of it on Doodles and Chimps in a few days after my friend edits the files. I might do another record still to keep this one company.

And here is the show info yo!


M said...

Aww I think I might be working that day.

This came out great - the eyes really look like they glow.

Rome said...

you have trained your monkey to be a formidable opponent, but will he stand against my horse's Kong Fu!?

I love the boldness of the monkey, and that light red in the corner to balance it out. I would love to see some full body poses....hey wait a second that's not a monkey! WHo said you could do a portrait of me!

Patrick Francisco said...

M - Play hooky!

Rome - Thanks for noticing my balancing act. I've been wanting to do a large scale painting of a crowd of them, hopefully I'll get up and running with that one soon.