Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whats up Gang

Sorry if I have been kind of quiet, but at the moment I am losing my mind. This is my thesis year and the work load is insane. I have not been sleeping much and it is catching up with me. This is a painting I just finished for one of my classes. The assignment was Breakfast and what it means to me. To me breakfast is not much of a big deal, but my dogs really seem to enjoy it. Actually, they enjoy any meal lol. 


Patrick Francisco said...

I want to make out with pepper! Does she miss me?

M said...

Cool piece, reminds me a bit of edward hopper.

Rome said...

nice composition! I like the use of red and the way the dog peeks out of the dark, it would be kind of creepy if it wasn't funny! And good a good idea too! If there was anything I had to say that needs improvement, its..infusing your shadows with a bit more color diversity. I love simple but color vibrant hand, and I feel like the darker areas of the painting lack that.