Tuesday, October 21, 2008

stage 4, damn polina and her likeness!!

So this is where I am at. I have been trying to get Polina's likeness for a while now, and I will do it, even if its the last thing I do!

I have painted the head over about 7 times already, and in the process it has become bigger. Looks like I will have to restretch this baby, Thanx Polina! hehe just kidding.


M said...

The colors are playing off nicely - the cools in the background and the warmness of her skin.

Careful with the nose though - it seems to be pointing on a different plane than the rest of her face, which may be what is throwing the likeness off.

Rome said...

Spank you very hard.

Patrick Francisco said...

Leave the big head and little body! It's hilarious!

Polina Soshkina said...

Thanks, Patrick, that's so nice of you, :) but you are right it's hilarious.

Now, the thing is that it is all in the proportions where the likeness is concerned, especially since the face did look very weird in the picture itself. When you make the nose this short to show the perspective the space between the nose and the mouth should be foreshortened as well, especially considering that even if you would look straight at my face, that space would be smaller. Also the mouth seems not to be in the perspective as well, i think you might need to lower the corners and check if it is too wide. After that you can reconsider the shape of the face, i know the lower part at this angle is tricky, also the chin dips in much closer to the lower lip.