Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey  Peoples,

My name's Pablo and I'm a friend of Roman's. I'm a self taught artist because it's cheaper that way or something. Anyways, this is stage 3 on one of the paintings I'm working on. I hadn't done any human figure based paintings up until this year. Until now it's been more conceptual, abstract, and biomorphic(I guess - for some reason or another-  as a consequence of some psychological negation of reality or something) . I decided to incorporate a realistic element into a composition and weave it with extemporaneous, gestural and free flowing elements, which I usually incorporate into my  more  abstract, biomorphic work. So far it's been an alternating bumpy, cool ride.

Thanks for the add...



Rome said...

What a way to kick start your first post! It looks great, keep going!

angie b. said...

Hello, Pablo, and welcome!

This piece feels very strong for only having a years' worth of figurative work! While I was in school, I'd find myself using the up-angle chin-shot often, despite that fact that I couldn't draw it very well. I don't know why, but I just naturally like that angle. You do not seem to have a problem with drawing it , though- it's nice!

I'm looking forward to seeing where else this piece goes.

-angie b.

Alias said...

Awesome. Thanks. :)

M said...

Hey Pablo,

Welcome! The combination of realistic and abstract elements really work nicely.

Patrick Francisco said...

Nice work! Welcome