Friday, November 21, 2008

This should be better. I lowered the brightness so the glare wouldn't come through and obscured some of the information as a consequence. A bit on the painting for any interested: the gun clenched in right hand(your left) of this sureal-like, neo-primal, mystic warrior type of character (whew) I'm debating, will be either a  mix of gold, rusted copper or brass and onyx, or earth tone based (maybe jade..dunno). Not sure yet. Many options. The curved, blade looking thing jutting out of the left gun is sort of a bayonet, with two alterations: instead if it being on a rifle, it's on a cryptic, AI programmed 40 caliber Glock, and instead of the bayonets  being daggers, they will be miniature  double kitana's ( one on each side of the glocks nose) . I chose kitanas because of the genius behind its build. The slight curve on the blade makes for a swift kill at close range with slight expenditure of energy (because of how light it is)and  precision. WAAAAAAAAAAH!