Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am Alive

Whats up gang, sorry if I have been M.I.A.

School and personal life has been keeping me tied up 24/7
Its nice to see you guys/gals have been keeping busy... lots of interesting posts.
Here are a few new pieces in a new style I've been working in.
I am trying to be looser and not over render and blend as much.

                                                                      The Insect God

Heaven vs Hell

Wrath of Achilles
This one if one of hopefully 6 paintings I am doing for my thesis and
it is by far the biggest painting I've done to date, it is 48"x36"


Rome said...

Hey Lou thanx for showing us what you have been up to. Keep pushing the envelope. And yeah fully rendered paintings usually end up to be boring. Only because you fill in everything, and you don't leave anything for the mind to fill in. A painting should not JUST be beautiful in my opinion. It must have something off about it to be good.

Rome said...

I like your experimentation with composition. I would push that even more, by using ridiculous angles, remember if you don't want to do it because it seems to hard, that's exactly the thing that no one else will do for that same reason. You might also be interested in studying classical compositions, including classical landcape composition(L-shapre), golden point, impressionist compositions(seurat), monet, manet, bonnard, especialy degas, vollard, blah blah blah.

This will give you extra power and extra tools to create effects you might have never considered.

For example, I forget if it was vollard or bonard, but he decided to eliminate all tone from his painting at one point, and only used the coolness and warmness of color to differentiate forms. It would be pretty hard to understand something like that for you, if he hadn't done it first.

Patrick Francisco said...

Rome said...

right back at ya.

angie b. said...

Hi, Lou!
I find I really enjoy the subway piece. Even if the right side is toned down for illustrative purposes, the left side is bright and cheery enough to me that it lights up the entire picture. It looks like my train (R), but... so much better somehow! Can I ride your train? Please? I want to be there . :)