Thursday, January 22, 2009

the last matzah(I hope)

Ok, once again,I have painted a matzah, I do not think i will be able to eat matzah again, because of the nightmares, but anyway...

So this version I did with acrylics and oils. I used Lascoux acrylic paint to do the underpainting and various brands of oil paint on top. This is becoming a technique I am using more and and more because it allows the underpainting to dry really fast. If any of you are Acrylic painters, I suggest trying out lascoux(pronounced lascou)
paints, they are like the old holland of acrylics. This was also done on a wood panel which I first coated with Gamblin PVA size, which serves as an excellent alternative to usign matte medium to protect a surface because it doesnt leave a texture and is very thin in viscocity.