Monday, January 26, 2009

Stage two, and shit.


Rome said...

It's looking pretty good. In the future If I were you, I would bust my ass to use 2 or more references and create a pose you have never seen that individual in before, meaning try not copying a pose directly from a photo, but instead try getting different references with similar lighting and use them to engineer something new. This has a couple of advantages:

1) your painting will no remind anyone of a famous picture that they saw, which can take a lot away from a painting

2) you will have a greater feeling of accomplishment because you will feel as if you have created something "original"

It is more difficult to create a pose from scratch but it is a much more fullfilling way to work.

Alias said...

Well, I wanted to keep the classical pose of the figure intact. As you can see, the picture was in black and white, so I did some improvising along the garment, skin tone and other effects. I also changed the structure of the nose, the beard( made the strands of the hair on the beard more strident, and Gothic) changed the color and mood in the eyes, subtly intensified the tension in the brow area and shifted some color values of the original portrait. See, my intention is to stay as true as possible to the portrait, and in fact, to make it recognizable, and not take it too far. Only because I'm making a reproduction of the portrait with minor alterations, such as... capturing the emotion and intensity of Freud's character, and experimenting with capturing Freud's temperament rather than altering his pose.