Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Shirt, Yay!

Hi! Just in keeping with what I've been up too... a couple of weeks ago, I decided, though I love them all, I had way too many t-shirts. (over 40!) One of my favorites that had passed it's prime, was an old fan T of Tank Girl that I'm made while in collage with an iron-on transfer. I didn't really want to trash it, but it had gotten too dingy to keep. So I decided to make a replacement.
I ordered a blank T shirt from Hanes.com. Then, I scanned in a new image from one of the TG books I have, cut out the back ground, filled in the missing pieces of the image that'd been covered with word balloons using Photoshop. It was printed onto an old transfer sheet I had around. Man! It took forever to peel that thing off of it's backing.

But it's survived its first wash. Here are the results:

Old T:

New T:

I really like the new image, too.