Thursday, November 13, 2008


Couple of sketches using the brush pen Polina introduced to me (thanks!)


angie b. said...

Hi, M!
Is this the first time you've used a brush pen, or just a certain brand? They're a great way to give line variation, and therefore life and interest, to black and white line drawing.

I'm curious about your process. Are these drawings done from life, (pet shop? zoo?) reference photos, or both? The drawings themselves seem very soft and subtle, but at some points, there's a bit of animation/cartooning to them... like the cat's wide eyes. I enjoy this on a personal level, 'cause I like that type of thing, but am curious if this is premeditated and a conscious decision on your part.

-angie b.

Patrick Francisco said...

M, I'd like to know what train you took and why the commuters are all animals. Nice drawings, I like the cat especially.

Dahlia Broul said...

M, i really like the way you have captured the internal thoughts of these animals. You have really given them such personality. Great job!

M said...

Thanks guys!

Angie - they are from google, but I like to go to pet shops and zoos when I can.

I like drawings that stand on the threshold between real and imaginary. This is something I'd like to strive towards someday. It is a hard quality to define - a cartoon can have more life than a photo-realistic painting, because it has been imbued with life.

Though I should probably think more while I draw, usually my hand just moves by itself.