Friday, November 14, 2008

Exciting world of Lamination!

I am posting here my most recent pieces. I created these Sunday night / Tuesday morning. It's been a long time since I've worked through execution so quickly, and, thus, marks momentous occasion for me in and of itself.

I've been elected to create a monthly newsletter for my day-job. I've incorporated a "how to" section into this newsletter. In an attempt to satisfy my own desire for drawing practice and to gather material for and "art" resume, I've decided to create some how-to illustrations for the loading of a lamination machine for the upcoming "How-To" section of the newsletter.

These are the first two completed illos drawn at home and their loose reference sketches, along with the original, tighter reference drawing of the entire machine I'd done on-site during a Sunday over-night shift.

What do you think?


Patrick Francisco said...

Newletters and lamination rock!

Dahlia Broul said...

Hey these technical drawings are very good. I don't know if you do these all the time but you have a real talent here. Did you know that J Peterman is a real catalog and that they display everything they sell by illustrations. Check out their website you may want to see if they hire artists on a freelance basis. :)

M said...

These are great. I love how your inking is interpretive of the object.

Rome said...

Angie, you suck. Haha! just kidding! I really like these! Especially the wiggly looser one. As illustrators we are constantly challenged with content. It's what makes us either really sad(shit, I don't want to draw donkeys!) or really excited(I love painting bananas, wohooo!)

Whatever the content though, it is your job as a creative person to put an interesting spin on it, it could be stylistically,(like Angie did very well here) compositionally, or conceptually. By doing this you also make it more fun for yourself.

It is also important to note Angie's use of her day job as a source of inspiration for her art. There is nothing more kick ass then the satisfaction of getting paid to sit there and draw something, even if its for a little while! no?